Melissa (makattack115) wrote in frenchkicks,

french kicks @ the troubador - 1/27/05

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Bless your heart. I love you. I wish they would play over in Iowa. I'm dying to see them again.
i also have a few shots of my own where nick looks right into the camera. nice boy for doing that.
these are really nice photos. i hope they come back around to me soon haha
You should post yours too. Everyone loves pictures of the French Kicks.
well, i've posted them before in this same community, so here's the link.

french kicks, may 26 detroit, michigan
Mmmm, Nick.

Wait, did I just say that?

I'm so shallow.

That looks like it was a nice show.
maybe i'm the one who got a little carried away :)
i'm the shallow one.
I wouldn't say that. Especially since you did us all the great service of posting such lovely photographs ^_^.
I was there!
i was the girl at the front who screamed "one more time" for the encore.
i drove two hours to see them that night. very worthwhile. even if my car did get towed...haha. that was one expensive concert.
I was the tall awkward blonde in the front who (unfortunately) had to move back after the first hour or so.
hey i remember you! not by the awkward part...but tall blonde with bangs, right?
yeah, I remember you too.